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History of Balloon Weights

Balloon weights were originally introduced by the Silver Balloon Association to help prevent legislation banning foil balloons in California. The original ones were cardboard with a printed warning on them. They have evolved into much more. Today there are many sizes, types and styles to choose from. Balloon Weights should be used on every helium filled balloon for one major reason: They increase customer satisfaction. (There is nothing worse than a child crying because his balloon flew away) Different balloons require different size weights. Here is a reference of the requirements. Remember that latex balloons can be overfilled, so there is a range on the actual weight required.

These weights are those needed at sea level. It takes a lot less weight to hold a balloon down in Denver, Colorado.

18" - 8 grams
26" - 15 grams
28 - 30" - 30 grams (3-D Shapes)
36" - 65 grams


These are the recommendations of the Silver Balloon Association.

9" - 9 to 12 grams
11 - 12" - 12 to 15 grams
14" - 25 to 30 grams
16" - 50 to 60 grams

To determine the actual weight you need to hold down more than one balloon, add up the weight needed for each balloon in the bouquet. Balloon Weights can be sold. They don't have to be an expense.

They can be written on with a permanent marker, and turned into the gift tag. Compare that with a gift card! Turning them into an advertisement is also simple, just put a label on the back of the weight. If you really want an advertisement that will be around a long time, just add a magnet or key ring.

There are several ways to attach a ribbon to the weight: You can tie them on. You can attach with your store label, or tape. You can quick tie them with different "Quick tie" clips.. Because many balloons are used by children, it is important that all weights meet the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines.

I do have to mention that one of the existing and cheapest weights, the silver jingle bell, does not meet those safety requirements. Many of the grocery chains, and larger stores have totally shifted away from using those bells.

The main thing to remember when buying Balloon Weights is that you are buying a decorative WEIGHT. If you buy a less expensive weight, and need to use two for a latex or foil balloon, was it really a bargain? Balloon Weights by Control Plastics are the best buy. Not only are they less expensive, they are heavier:

  • Regular Weights- 8-10 grams
  • Heavy Weights- 15-17 grams
  • Extra Heavy Weights- 30 grams
  • Compact Jumbo- 100-110 grams
  • Jumbo Weights- 130-150 grams

Ask your distributor to sell you the best weights. Or buy from a distributor who does sell the best.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. If you are not a distributor, and you would like to purchase our products, please contact us, and we will be happy to give you information on a distributor closest to you.