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Suggestions on Selling Balloon Weights

1. Always put your store label on the back of the weight. It is great advertising, also you can attach the ribbon to the weight with the label it's much faster than any other method.

2. Encourage customers to write on the weights, as gift tags. Use any permanent marker, like a magic marker or a sharpie.

3. Weights can be customized by hot stamping, pad printing, or silk screening. They're great at parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events. Attach a weight to each balloon in the center piece. They make great party favors. Stick them on a magnet strip or attach a key ring. Use them on a metal board for seating tags.

4. Kids will re-use the weights as stencils or decorate them. Stores can have decorating contests for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. If little Johnny makes his own Christmas ornament with your store label on back, it will show up yearly on the tree.

5. If you sell balloons with weights, you can up-sell for adding on a key ring or magnet strip. Then it becomes a "gift" that will remembered long after the balloon is gone. How many mothers won't keep a kitchen magnet? Add to that the sentimental value if it's signed by one of the kids?

6. Balloon weights increase customer satisfaction. No lost balloons... if handled properly they can be a profitable item. Not just an expense. If they look like cheap " Hong Kong" toys, no one will pay for them. But if they have a simple elegance and are "sold", customers will buy them.

7. Other uses

  • Educational tools for K-3
  • Teaching patterns, colors, counting. Etc.
  • Gift tags-gift decorations
  • Key ring ornaments
  • Kitchen magnets
  • Name tags (can include stick-on bar pins)